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dancing in pajamas


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Still can’t light things in a way that gives them volume. Need to work on fundamentals.

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(In) Voluntary Memories

Bret Llewellyn Gallery
(In) Voluntary Memories
Alysia Kaplan
Assistant Professor of Art at Hobart & Williams Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY.
February 23rd 2017 6:00 PM

Upon returning to Rochester NY, an area she had a deep nostalgia for, she discovered herself in a foreign land void of the familiarity she held to. She questioned the authenticity of her perceptions. On her website she states, “The series questions whether or not we can rewrite these memories and thereby reassign moments free from the expectations they once held.”

This gallery consisted of a photographic series, An altered image being projected from a slide (the projector itself was a piece of the gallery) and a continuously looping video. The materials were “found” or “ready-made”, adding to the notion of creating new meaning from the manipulation of existing material. The film was rearranged and edited by the artist, changing the meaning of the narrative. The images were sent off to her family and friends, who were tasked with responding with a memory.

Human memory is actually unbelievably unreliable. Our memories are simply interpretations of the past. What we think we remember will often over ride an actual event. Details are changed or lost over time. Even things we seem to remember in vivid detail and accuracy may actually be entirely fabricated. Studies have shown that you can even imprint a false memory into a person by recalling events to them that never actually happened. For example, if a family member recounts tales of your favorite childhood toy to you, you may recall memories of it whether it existed or not. There were no title cards or written statements presented with this material.

The “memories” her friends and family responded to the images with were not part of the exhibit. The purpose here was for the viewer to imprint themselves on the work. Relating to the ideas of the post-modern movement, our reality is relevant to our own experiences. Even if the artist has specific intentions for the meaning of their work, the viewers interpretation is going to to color their idea of it. The concept behind work is a changing spectrum, not a concrete definition.

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God is dead


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Obstruction 1

Establish a character and setting using the obstructions- fantasy, guardian, texture, yellow.

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